End-Of-Life Products - We help buyers by manufacturing individual parts and assemblies when quantities are decreasing.

We have specialized in the manufacturing of products with decreasing quantities. Since manufacturing plants are designed for the maximum number of pieces, it makes sense to rethink the manufacturing concept in case of decreasing numbers of pieces. Often it is economical to keep parts of production lines and to manufacture single working steps for the product variants on our CNC machines. In addition to pure machining, we also offer downstream processes for your quantity scenario for end-of-life products:

  • Takeover of existing special machines and assembly equipment (20.000 - 500.000 pcs.p.a.)
  • CNC production with decreasing quantities (100 - 20.000 pcs.p.a.)
  • Final stocking and preservation (less than 100 pcs.p.a.)
  • Additional machining e.g. grinding, honing, leak testing
  • Procurement of standard and drawing parts
  • Assembly of components
sondermaschinenGroeninger Gehäuse für den Bereich Automotive End Of Life Produkte EOL Produkt

Reference product: Housing for the automotive sector

  • Component size: 130x90x80mm
  • Machining on rotary transfer machines and machining centers
  • Leak testing
  • External surface treatment
cnc_fraesen_NHX5000_1Groeninger Pumpengehäuse Zerspanung End Of Life Produkte EOL

Reference product: Pump housing

  • Component size: 600x300x200mm
  • Flexible machining on machining centers
  • Parts family with many variants
  • Assembly of standard and drawing parts
Vorlage Produktslider EOLGroeninger Fliehkraftregler End Of Life Produkte EOL

Reference product: Centrifugal governor

  • Assembly size: 90x70x50mm
  • Combined turning-milling machining with robot assembly
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Lapping
  • Interlinked assembly line
groeninger-feinmechanik_gebaeude_v4Groeninger Verstellhebel End Of Life Produkte EOL

Reference product: Adjusting lever

  • Component size: 70x20x50mm
  • CNC milling
  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Preserve

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Ever since the company’s foundation in 1969 we have been manufacturing with modern CNC machining centers, precisely and economically.

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  • Efficient manufacturing of your product through automation
  • Flexibility with CNC machines
  • Fine machining - honing
  • Quality assurance
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

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