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We will be glad to adjust our window drives to your application, or design a completely new drive for you. Standard drives without modifications are available from one piece up.

Special requests for building projects are carried out quickly and straightforwardly by reason of our high manufacturing depth. This includes both electronics as well as mechanics (reading of sensors, mounting holes, special outputs, IP protection class).

Window drive DK-100

For tilt and turn windows

The innovative DK-100 window drive combines the best of both worlds: In addition to control via Smart Home, the window can be operated as usual using the handle.

  • Manual & automatic
  • Ideal for every bathroom window
  • Night cooling
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Barrier-free

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Chain drives

For light domes and windows

Our chain drives are tough as they reliably open and close windows and light domes even in challenging conditions.

  • Synchronous run
  • Protection class IP54
  • Rain sensor
  • For smoke and heat vents / Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (test of overall system required)

Reference product: Chain drive C500

Chain drive with a 600N compression force for use at light domes or heavy windows. The integrated power supply makes the drive compact and equally suitable for small light domes.

Linear drives

For fanlight opener scissors and louvre windows

  • For fanlight opener scissors (e.g. Geze OL90)
  • For louvre windows
  • For smoke and heat vents / Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (test of overall system required)
  • Very quiet running

Reference product: Linear drive LS1400

Slim drive for fanlight opener scissors and Louvre windows. Model LS1400 has a very quiet run, is robust and, at 1,400N, guarantees secure sealing of windows.

Reference product: Linear drive ML1500

Window drive with clamping protection, modular construction and 1,500N. From batch sizes of 100 pcs, customer-specific adjustments can be made due to its modular structure. You may choose from our building kit system:

  • Sensitive load cutoff
  • Synchronous run
  • Customer-specific housings
  • Protection class IP54
  • For smoke and heat vents / Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (test of overall system required)

Sensitive load cutoff

Integrated in linear drive ML1500

The intelligent electronic detecs blockades and the drive reverses immediately. This reduces the risk of entrapment at the main closing edges of louvre windows. The drive ignores friction in the hinges or wear in the window mechanic and closes the window with the rated force. We will be glad to adjust the sensitve load cutoff for your window construction.

Power suppy units

Intelligent power supply units for building technology

Besides their mere power supply, our power supply units offer a vast number of intelligent extra features. 24VDC motors may be connected directly and switched off via current increase. With input control, and if on-site voltage supply is poor, power supply units may be interposed to guarantee a minimal residual ripple.

  • 24VDC direct connection of motors
  • High residual ripple: interposition of power supply unit
  • Wide range input
  • 230VAC roller shutter switch (4-poles) is converted in 24VDC polarity reverser (2-poles)

Reference product: Power supply N320

Our intelligent 3.2A power supply with a residual ripple of 0.5% only

Standard Motor Interface

Our drives support the standard motor interface.

STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE (SMI) is a uniform interface for electric drives on windows, roller shutters and sun protection systems. Actuators ensure that SMI drives are compatible with all common bus systems used in building technology.

  • Compatible with KNX / EIB, LON, BACnet
  • Precise approach of intermediate positions with response
  • Parallel connection reduces installation costs
  • Easy commissioning without bus system
  • max. 350m lead length

Intelligently linked-up ventilation drives.

With our window drives we attach great importance to open interfaces in electronics. Our modular gear assemblies allow us to implement customer requests in record time.

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Operating instructions

Our operating instructions as PDFs available for download in English and German language.

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