Spahr agitator motors

Agitator motors for continuous operation on milk tanks and in the food industry. All agitators are equipped with tried and tested double wall cooling which improves cooling of the motor and allows hygienic cleaning. Our high manufacturing depth ensures first-class drive quality. From electro motor winding to output shafts made of stainless steel, all relevant parts are manufactured in the powertrain of our production, ground with precision and to size. A result of this “made in Germany” quality is the long service life and quiet run of our motors.

Spahr agitator motor MR-E1

Gear motor for milk tanks

Extremely robust agitator drive with high durability for milk tanks and the food industry. Flanges of model range E1 may be bolted to all common tanks.

Technical data

  • 6.5 Nm at 30 rpm
  • 4 Nm at 48 rpm


Spahr agitator motor MR-E1V

Gear motor for milk tanks

Model range E1V differs from basic model E1 due to reinforced bearing on the output shaft, making the E1V highly suitable for rectangular tanks with wave formation. Flanges of model range E1V may be bolted to all common tanks.

Technical data

  • 8 Nm at 21 rpm
  • 6.5 Nm at 30 rpm
  • 4 Nm at 48 rpm


Spahr agitator motor MR-ZL

Gear motor for milk tanks

Model range ZL carries an extended flange and offers, contrary to model ranges E1 and E1V, an increased torque and output in the center.

Technical data

  • 8 Nm at 21 rpm


Flanges for E1 and E1V

Compatible to all common milk tanks

The flanges make agitator drives compatible for all common milk tanks. Dimension sheets are available at the end of the operating instructions.

  • E1 und E1V standard: bolt circle Ø94 mm
  • Triangle flange
  • Round flange: bolt circle Ø110 mm
  • Optional mounting holes: bolt circle Ø108 mm


Robust and reliable – made in Germany

All relevant parts in the powertrain are manufactured by us, ground with precision and to size. The resulting first-class quality standard is reflected in the long durability of our drives – for easy use in your everyday work life.

Regine Gröninger-Sitzenfrei


A high manufacturing depth enables us to achieve highest levels of quality and short delivery periods. Subject to required quantities the following manufacturing processes are in use:

  • CNC turning and CNC milling from 100 pcs
  • Punching of housing parts from 1,000 pcs
  • Plastic injection molding from 3,000 pcs
  • Sintered gears from 5,000 pcs

In addition to using state-of-the-art tooling machinery, our highly qualified staff represent the cornerstone for the flawless quality production of customer-specific drives. Continuous training ensures that this know-how is continually developed.

Punching Bending Machining Grinding Injection molding Coil Winding Stator production


Customer-specific gears are mounted on assembly lines with varying degrees of automation. Tables for manual work and simple devices are manufactured in-house. Robotic automation is performed together with our partner company GKW Maschinenbau in Neckartenzlingen (GKW = Gröninger / Knöll / Wolpers).


At the end of our assembly lines all drives undergo a final inspection with testing and documentation of all relevant parameters such as nominal load, power consumption and noise. In addition, our high standard of quality is guaranteed by latest QA instruments in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

  • 3D Coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo C-A574
  • Contourograph Mitutoyo C-3000
  • Calibrated plug gauges
  • SPC evaluations


From 100 pieces of milled gears to 100,000 pieces of plastic injection molding per year, you may be sure we find the best possible drive solution for your application. Why not benefit from our independency? We are not bound to individual manufacturing processes and may thus choose the most cost-effective solution for your project.

  • We design all mechanic components with cutting edge CAD technology.
  • We determine the optimal gearbox design for your drive.
  • We develop complete control electronics based specifically on your requirements.

Operating instructions

Our operating instructions as PDFs available for download in English and German language.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.